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About Tbilisi Free Zone

Licensing authority Tbilisi Free Zone JSC started functioning in November 2015, it is located in capital city Tbilisi and covers 170,000 m2. BitFury Group, world’s leading blockchain technology company, is the owner and developer of the property. Tbilisi Free Zone (TFZ) is the only free industrial zone in Tbilisi. TFZ offers for international tenant companies to establish their export-oriented businesses in the tax-friendly area. TFZ is prepared to welcome companies from diverse segments of business including: trading and services, technology, light industrial manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and other. The companies who are based in Tbilisi free zone will benefit from operational and tax advantage.

We provide full representation in the process of establishing a company, obtaining a license from a licensing authority (Tbilisi Free Zone JSC) and other services related to the operation of your company in Georgia


A company opened in Tbilisi Free Zone can enjoy operational advantages, such as:

  • easy and fast company set-up procedure
  • eligibility to get a national certificate of origin easily
  • reliable infrastructure, low rental prices
  • cheap electricity
  • low licensing costs and simplified regulatory procedures
  • low costs of utilities and communications, good facility management service
  • liberal labor code and skilled labor force.


Benefits of Tbilisi Free Industrial Zone:

  • Income of a Free Industrial Zone Enterprise is exempt from the Corporate Income Tax;
  • Interest and Dividend paid by a Free Industrial Zone Enterprise is not taxed and is not included in the taxable income base of the receiver;
  • Trade between the Free Industrial Zone Enterprises are exempted from the VAT;
  • Free Industrial Zone Enterprises have no obligation to administer personal income tax of the employees;
  • Free Industrial Zone Enterprises are not liable to asses and pay Reverse Charge VAT (RCVAT);
  • Export is exempted from VAT with the entitlement to tax credit;
  • Property, including land, located in a Free Industrial Zone is exempted from property tax;
  • Trade between a Free Industrial Zone Enterprise and a Georgian company is taxed at 4% of the invoice value

Tax Comparison - you are not paying

Tax in Tbilis Free Zone Company 

Tax in Georgia mainland company (LTD, ...)

VAT 0% VAT 18%
Corporate Profit  Tax 0% Corporate Profit  Tax 15%
Tax on Dividend Withdrawal 0%  Tax on Dividend Withdrawal 5%
Property 0%    Property up to 1%
Import 0% of import value Import up to 18% of import value
Export 0% Export 0%
Personal Income 20% Personal Income 20%%


Fees to register a company in Free Trade Zone Tbilisi, Georgia with our assitance:

Registration - (one-time fee) - please contact us on email or by phone for the price 
Annual License -  depending on the company's activities - please contact us on email or by phone for the price 

Our assistance, advisory and representation during the process of the incorporation based on Power of Attorney - 1.200 USD

All fees are charged in USD. 



Need more information or start a company in Free Trede Zone? Call us (+995) 555 940 077 or send an email to info@freetradezone.ge.